Thursday, October 11, 2012

My say about Efox City

If you are looking for wholesale or retail online shop..You can shop at Their clothes and everything are all high fashion.. International look.. yes, indeed, you can have it all at this online shop called If you are looking for wedding dresses, women's clothing like coats and jackets, fashion dresses, suits, tops or blouses. They also have men's clothing like pants, suits, jackets and coats, vests and hoodies.. Occasional dresses are also available in their site, Jewelry? of course they also have it.. I think this site is awesome for shopping because its so easy shop because they have categories for you to shop in it.. 

Here is their shop-->

Make up Giveaway by Miss April x Jewel Pop's BERry POP

I love to win

Miss April x Jewel Pop's BERry POP Makeup Giveaway

lots of make up prizes to be given away.. here are the list of prizes:

-I like yer face Mineral foundation (1pc)
-Awww...So Pretty! Mineral Blush (1pc)
-Faerie Dust Mineral Blush (1pc)
-Keep Calm and Wear a balm (1pc)
-Viva la Balm! (1pc)
-Stunner! Eyeshadow (2pcs, 2 shades)
-Bamboo foundation brushes (1pc, and if I may add, has the same quality as Ecotools!)

there will be two lucky winners for this said giveaway :)

goodluck to everyone who joined!! :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

September giveaway

Two lovely ladies are hosting a giveaway, they call themselves pretty fairies.. :) I love to win one of their 3 prizes in this giveaway. (fingers crossed). If you guys want to join in the said giveaway, head up to this site-

This giveaway is powered by [Kai Grafia] (, [Patricia Tan] (, [Yuri Choi] (, [Red Jhelli Shop] (, [Lens Village] (, [Jailex Couture] ( and [Copper] (

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kai's Fourth June Giveaway

Fourth June Giveaway~

When one giveaway ends, another comes forth to take its place. *lmao* I have promised four giveaways for the month of June right? It might even rise to five! That sounds exciting! :> I'd like to thank all the lovely and generous giveaway sponsors who chose my blog to launch their giveaways! And right now, we should thank another sponsor for this fabulous giveaway!
Lovelies, I'd like you all to meet Genre Clothing, an online fashion brand that offers stylish casual clothes, inspired and patterned from different music genres that fits perfectly for every season's trend and helps shoppers express their personality and music preferences through their fashion style. If you are tired of bumping into other people wearing the same clothes , then you should be shopping at Genre Clothing asap! They have unique designs and you are guaranteed to be the only one wearing the design since they only produce one piece per design! :>> 
 You are in luck today because you might just be one of the winners of the following prizes from Genre Clothing where you can go crazy shopping on their online store! Eight (8) lucky winners will be drawn at the end of the contest!

1 winner of P1000 voucher
 2 winners of P500 voucher
 5 winners of P250 voucher

If you guys want to join in this giveaway head up to this site --->

Monday, July 2, 2012

Firmoo giveaway

another firmoo giveaway hosted by whazz bloggin you and me.. it's their first time to host a giveaway.. hope to be the lucky winner in this giveaway..

head up to this site-->

$1000 giveaway :)

wow! this is a huge giveaway.. opens worldwide.. i so want to win in this giveaway..
list of mine if i will win the $1000
1: milk for my baby and diapers
2: sari2x store for me and my baby :)
3: pocket for my first time to ride an airplane going to manila :)

hope to win int his giveaway..
if you guys want to join.. head up to this site-->

Angel + Firmoo = Giveaway

Another giveaway from firmoo :)) yeepee! hope to win in this one :)
this giveaway is hosted by Angel.. it is my first time to join in her giveaway..

if you guys want to join in her giveaway.. head up to this site--->

GK giveaway + Firmoo + me want to win :)

wow! another firmoo giveaway :) hope to win in this giveaway hosted by GenzelKisses...

here is the link if you guys want to join in this giveaway --->

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Unleashed Randomness giveaway

 unleashed randomness and kheis shop is having a cosmetic giveaway.. i so love joining giveaway specially if the prizes are very interesting like this give away.. join the said giveaway in this site-->