Monday, May 28, 2012

babyvOx giveaway

BabyvOx is having her first ever blog giveaway.. yeepee! im excited ti join coz the prozes are so lovely :)

here's about her blog below:

Hi in case you didn't know! Yes I'm having my first giveaway on this website. Although this is my 2nd giveaway actually when I first hosted my contest on my other blog. Chiminess.

Okay continue with the giveaway! This is are the awesome prizes!

Nyx Wholesale PH
1st Winner will get: A Blog Makeover. - Babyvox NYX 10 Eyeshadow palette in Haute Model and Glitter Cream Palette in One night in Luxy. - NyxWholesalePH .info - Ayei Bithao +$25! 150x100 Banner Ads from Pseudolavie and Gailaloo
2nd Winner will get: Candybag - Aisha Kristine .info - The Nails Designs +$10! 150x100 Banner Ads from Pseudolavie and Gailaloo
3rd Winner will get: Tetris Sticky Notes Hodge Podge Starbucks Magnet Star Clips Set Card Case Set .info - Random Acts of Sweetness +$5! 150x100 Banner Ads from Pseudolavie and Gailaloo
See the blog post for the mechanics. Here’s another prize!
Make the Best Post and Win 4 bracelets of your choice from Why do you think you should win this bracelets? Minimum of 100 words. The first sentence starts with this “I want to win Cutey’s Bracelets because..” (with’s link)-important! Once you’re done with everything, comment on this blog entry with the following information: NAME: EMAIL: *BLOG POST ABOUT CUTEY: (if you decided to join)
EDIT: MAY 6, 2012 5PM This contest also have a referral prize! Be a sure winner by referring the most participants in this giveaway! And win $10! Contest ends on May 31! Winners will be picked via and will announce on June 1. All cash prizes will be sent via Paypal. FOR PHILIPPINES RESIDENTIAL ONLY! A big thanks to all the sponsor who did not ignore me when I messaged them about having this Giveaway! Thank you! Nyx Wholesale Ph | BabyVox | Aisha Kristine | Ayei Bithao | The Nail Designs | Miss-Honeul | Cutey | The Rainbow Star | Lhyzie Bongon | Random Acts of Sweetness | Candy-Bumm

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Birthday Giveaway by Joei & Me

i joined Joei & Me Birthday Giveaway By firmoo.. i want to win in this giveaway because i so love Firmoo :)

join now-->

Apple's Giveaway By Firmoo

another Firmoo giveaway.. i so love Firmoo's Opticals.. they are so must have.. i already have one, but i still want more :) i want this new #OTO2321 ( very nice.. i so love the color and the size of the lens.. hope to win in this giveaway hosted by Apple dela cruz.

heres the link below

Working mama and Firmoo giveaway

wow! another Firmoo giveaway.. yeepee! i so love Firmoo Opticals.. I reall2x love their sun glasses.. woohoo! hope to win in this give away hosted by Working mama..

click on the link-->

A beiatiful Mind and Firmoo Giveaway

wow! another Firmoo giveaway hosted by A beiatiful Mind.. yeepee! really loved their glasses.. already have one also won in a giveaway.. hope to win on this giveaway.. :)

Go to this link--->

Hokkoh Giveaway :)

I joined Hokkoh's Giveaway.. Cute prizes will be given away.. woowee... hope to win int his give away.. head up to this site if u wanna join.. -->

also like  Hokkoh's page -->

Friday, May 18, 2012

Another Giveaway

wow! another giveaway from kai and dolcesspressivo.. love it! i joined lot f giveaways already.. hope to win (fingers crossed) :)
follow this link if you want to join..

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shabby Apple Giveaway

I joined Shabby apple Giveaway.. join now.. head up to this site-->

Sigma Beauty Eyeshadow Palette Giveaway by Dream Makeup

Dream Makeup is having their give away..
I joined..
head up to this link below..

Cosmetic Fixation Summer Giveaway! by Chriselle Sy

Chriselle Sy is having her Cosmetic Fixation Summer Giveaway! i Joined! if you also wana joined head up to her Cosmetic Fixation Makeup Blog @ this site --->

Irsada's Beauty-full World "Spring & Summer Giveaway"

Look! irsada is having her another give away.. love to win.. (fingers crossed) :) yeepee! if you wanna join head up to this link -->

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jannie's Birthday Blowout

Jannie J is having her Birthday Blowout.. Have you seen the prizes she will be giving away? is so Mind blowing..if not yet heap up at this link-->

Forestdollxkiwiberry Giveaway

ForestdollxKiwiberry is giving away prizes for lucky winners.. 2 lucky winners for lenses.. 2 winners for 1 box each of lashes.. 2 winners or 50% discounts for shopping ate their shop.. weehee!,,, head up at this link--> x PA Big 6 Giveaway

Personalized collections and kai grafia is having another giveaway.. :) yeepee! All the accessories are so unique and elegant.. love it! wanna join?.. click on this site-->

Bag that prize Giveaway

woohoo! Kai Grafia nd Korean-Fashionwear is giving away this fabulous bag..Love to have one.. I can really pair and match it with anything i wear.. also wanna join? head up @ this site..-->

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kai Grafia's another giveaway

Here i go again.. joining another giveaway hosted by Kai Grafia.. Me really want to win this give away because the accesories are so unique from Personalized Accessories... If You want to check it out, here's the link :)