Monday, March 23, 2009

Significance of information technology on nursing

.....>>>The use of information technologies in relation to those functions within the purview of nursing, and that are carried out by nurses when performing their duties. Therefore, any use of information technologies by nurses in relation to the care of their patients, the administration of health care facilities, or the educational preparation of individuals to practice the discipline is considered nursing informatics<<<.....

.....>>>The use of technology and/or a computer system to collect, store, process, display, retrieve, and communicate timely data and information in and across health care facilities that administer nursing services and resources, manage the delivery of patient and nursing care, link research resources and findings to nursing practice, and apply educational resources to nursing education<<<.....

......>>>The information technology–oriented view of nursing informatics may be critiqued for overstating the role of technology and underemphasizing the need for the informatics nurse specialist to support the cognitive interaction between the nurse, the nursing process, nursing data, patients and the technology. More important, emphasizing technology discounts the fact that informatics does not require the aid of a computer or other technology<<<.....


***I am a Roman Catholic. I can say I am not a very religious person. I love God very much. He is the one I can talk to whenever I have problems in life. I can always feel His presence whenever I need Him.***
***My relationship with God is so close, I can talk to him in my prayers and He’s my life. I owe everything to Him. He gave me strength. He gave me hope. He gave me life, and I’m gonna be a good follower and a good child of God.***

Inner & outer

^^^I thank God for giving me wonderful physical endowments, such as pretty face, captivating eyes, prominent bone structures, glowing skin and towering stature.^^^

^^^As they say “beauty is skin deep”, which means the real beauty is deep within.^^^

^^^My mom taught me the values of goodwill. That goodwill is a supreme act worth doing and rewarded by God.^^^

^^^Internal attributes are not the sole basis of saying that one is beautiful. What is beautiful is sharing good deeds, propagating values exemplifying the virtues ordained.^^^

Friends & classmates

>>>>Making friends is good, but when you have lots of friends its better than sleeping on a bed of roses. Friends are those who care for you and make you feel special all the time. Because without them you’re nothing, so I want to thank all my friends for being so supportive. These people changed the direction of who I am today and they became yesterday’s memory.<<<<<

>>>>>My classmates have been like my brothers and sisters, for the long time we’ve been together I can say that those times are awesome and they rock. Without them I can never be a good student or even a good person, though at times we experienced ups and downs, we trapped ourselves inside the classroom and we even call ourselves kiwaks which I do find funny.<<<<<

My ambition

====When I was little I dreamt of becoming a princess in a gaily fortress with my prince charming. I wanted beautiful toys, dolls around my queen size bed and play around Disneyland. Touring around the world with my family, having plenty of money and having a beautiful house these have been my childhood dreams.====
====As I grew, I realized logical things and aimed for great dreams man could ever come up with. Some dreams may be elusive, some may not. Some may be unreachable, some may be frustrating.=====
====But I stand positive. It’s always free to dream; Aiming is conditioning someone to reach their ambition, but should be coupled with positive values to reap laurels and beacons.====
====I always wanted to be a nurse someday, not just a typical nurse as everybody perceive. I always wanted to be competitive in every way, an emulated figure, a humanitarian, a good homemaker blessed with a loving husband and lovely kids.
These are the basis of happiness for me.=====

My education

......I started to go to school at the age of 4 years old at El Enfrancia located at Sta Maria. I can still recall my days spent there. I still remember my mother accompanying me to school. My classmates and I are playing in the playground. When I was in kinder 2 I was transferred to Seventh Day Adventist Elementary School.
......My grade school years were spent in Seventh Day Adventist Elementary School located at R.T Lim Boulevard. I was 6 when I entered grade 1. It was an Adventist school and the reason why I studied there because the teachings of the teachers were good. I can still remember my teachers Ma’am Bayola, Ma’am Madoma, Ma’am Capundag, Sir Sabino,. Our principal was Ma’am Aleman and we also have our piano teacher she is Ma’am Cecile the wife of Sir Sabino.
.....When I was in grade 4 I was transferred to Tumaga Elementary School. In my new school I was able to go to a camping activity when I joined the Girl Scouts when I was in grade 5 and 6. I also joined the Drum and Lyre band at the same grade. When I graduated elementary I received the award of Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP).
My primary schooling has helped me to become what I am today because I really learned many things.
.....My high school days were precious to me, that is where I learned to be more independent. I gained lots of friends with different charismas and personalities. I studied at Don Pablo Lorenzo Memorial High School (DPLMHS.)
I am proud and happy with the school I studied in because it is one of the good public schools with great professionalism and good teachers.
.....When I was in my freshmen year I joined the Drum and Lyre band up to my junior year. I also joined the La Cultura Lorenzo Dance Troupe (LCLDT) and our advisers we’re Sir Edge and Ma’am Katherine Tan. Sometimes I also joined pageants like Miss Science in my sophomore year and Miss Agham in my senior year.
It is really true what people say that high school is the best and happiest years in a person’s life and can never be brought back.
..... Now I am already in my second year in college at Western Mindanao State University taking up Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I’m glad to be in my sophomore year. I just hope I can continue with my third and fourth year in college as well as to graduate this course because this has been one of my dreams… become a successful nurse.
.....No one forced me to take up this course. It was my decision to study in WMSU with the course of Nursing.
.....In my first year in college, I started to appreciate my course because I saw its essence when I first had my community duty.
......As of now. I am studying hard to finish this course. I know I can, because I have the determination within me and of course with the help and guidance from God.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Love & relationship

Our only intangible goods are stored in our minds and hearts; when we don’t have them, no treasures on earth can compensate for their absence.
Love is the most conquerable word in the realm of mortals. It can heal wounds. It emancipates and mollifies the stiffest fortress of hatred and ire, and it burgeons the streets of understanding and care.
I was perceived with love by my parents, continuously nurtured and bloomed with guidance and nourished with good deeds.
I’m always thankful for having loving parents, siblings and significant others.

I have loved somebody but he broke my heart, he tore my veins apart, that’s why I don’t want to love again, But when this rock and roll poet guy crashed into my life. Even though he’s an irresistible distraction I still care and think about him because my heart tells me so, I shouldn’t be left behind. This guy changed my ritual habits for the past months that’s why I can’t take my eyes off of him and he’s always tattooed on my mind. I’m going crazy over him this focus-breaker and my sweet dream is Mack Leonard.

My families

My families are the love of my life. without them i wouldn't be what i am right now. I'm happy and thankful to have a family like them. They're the only people that i can feel safe with and as o real home. Family ties are not the reason but it is how you loved them and give concern. without your family you wont be what you are right now. I love my family so much and I'll do everything for them.

A cousin is a relative with whom one shares a common ancestor. I and my cousins are very close. We're all like brothers and sisters. We are always there whenever someone needs help. For me they are the best cousins in the world. Nothing compares them that's why i love them.

Who am i?

.....My self....
In the beginning of a thousand journeys, here i am today packed as a good person and as an individual. I am Krizia Mei Julian Camoro, 17 years of age. born on May 31, 1991 at Zamboanga Doctors Hospital. I'm staying at 74 Yvanoff Drive Tumaga Zamboanga City.
A hundred times i remind myself that my inner and outer life depends on the labors of other men, living and dead, and that i must exert myself in order to give in the measure as i have receive and i am still receiving.
When i examine myself and my methods of thoughts, i come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge.

....Likes and Dislikes....
I like lots of things....for a friend i like someone who is caring, thoughtful, sweet and with a sense of humor, fun to be with and will always be there for me through our ups and downs. I'm an adventurous person. I love to stroll with friends while sound tripping. I like to listen to music and as well as dancing.
I hate people who are "plastics" and who are mean. I don't want to be alone. I hate it when i feel sad i don't like problems. i loathe cockroaches and spiders; they really frighten me when i see them. And lastly i dislike people who say negative or bad things about me even though what they speak of are false.