Saturday, March 21, 2009

Love & relationship

Our only intangible goods are stored in our minds and hearts; when we don’t have them, no treasures on earth can compensate for their absence.
Love is the most conquerable word in the realm of mortals. It can heal wounds. It emancipates and mollifies the stiffest fortress of hatred and ire, and it burgeons the streets of understanding and care.
I was perceived with love by my parents, continuously nurtured and bloomed with guidance and nourished with good deeds.
I’m always thankful for having loving parents, siblings and significant others.

I have loved somebody but he broke my heart, he tore my veins apart, that’s why I don’t want to love again, But when this rock and roll poet guy crashed into my life. Even though he’s an irresistible distraction I still care and think about him because my heart tells me so, I shouldn’t be left behind. This guy changed my ritual habits for the past months that’s why I can’t take my eyes off of him and he’s always tattooed on my mind. I’m going crazy over him this focus-breaker and my sweet dream is Mack Leonard.

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