Monday, March 23, 2009

My ambition

====When I was little I dreamt of becoming a princess in a gaily fortress with my prince charming. I wanted beautiful toys, dolls around my queen size bed and play around Disneyland. Touring around the world with my family, having plenty of money and having a beautiful house these have been my childhood dreams.====
====As I grew, I realized logical things and aimed for great dreams man could ever come up with. Some dreams may be elusive, some may not. Some may be unreachable, some may be frustrating.=====
====But I stand positive. It’s always free to dream; Aiming is conditioning someone to reach their ambition, but should be coupled with positive values to reap laurels and beacons.====
====I always wanted to be a nurse someday, not just a typical nurse as everybody perceive. I always wanted to be competitive in every way, an emulated figure, a humanitarian, a good homemaker blessed with a loving husband and lovely kids.
These are the basis of happiness for me.=====

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