Monday, March 23, 2009

My education

......I started to go to school at the age of 4 years old at El Enfrancia located at Sta Maria. I can still recall my days spent there. I still remember my mother accompanying me to school. My classmates and I are playing in the playground. When I was in kinder 2 I was transferred to Seventh Day Adventist Elementary School.
......My grade school years were spent in Seventh Day Adventist Elementary School located at R.T Lim Boulevard. I was 6 when I entered grade 1. It was an Adventist school and the reason why I studied there because the teachings of the teachers were good. I can still remember my teachers Ma’am Bayola, Ma’am Madoma, Ma’am Capundag, Sir Sabino,. Our principal was Ma’am Aleman and we also have our piano teacher she is Ma’am Cecile the wife of Sir Sabino.
.....When I was in grade 4 I was transferred to Tumaga Elementary School. In my new school I was able to go to a camping activity when I joined the Girl Scouts when I was in grade 5 and 6. I also joined the Drum and Lyre band at the same grade. When I graduated elementary I received the award of Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP).
My primary schooling has helped me to become what I am today because I really learned many things.
.....My high school days were precious to me, that is where I learned to be more independent. I gained lots of friends with different charismas and personalities. I studied at Don Pablo Lorenzo Memorial High School (DPLMHS.)
I am proud and happy with the school I studied in because it is one of the good public schools with great professionalism and good teachers.
.....When I was in my freshmen year I joined the Drum and Lyre band up to my junior year. I also joined the La Cultura Lorenzo Dance Troupe (LCLDT) and our advisers we’re Sir Edge and Ma’am Katherine Tan. Sometimes I also joined pageants like Miss Science in my sophomore year and Miss Agham in my senior year.
It is really true what people say that high school is the best and happiest years in a person’s life and can never be brought back.
..... Now I am already in my second year in college at Western Mindanao State University taking up Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I’m glad to be in my sophomore year. I just hope I can continue with my third and fourth year in college as well as to graduate this course because this has been one of my dreams… become a successful nurse.
.....No one forced me to take up this course. It was my decision to study in WMSU with the course of Nursing.
.....In my first year in college, I started to appreciate my course because I saw its essence when I first had my community duty.
......As of now. I am studying hard to finish this course. I know I can, because I have the determination within me and of course with the help and guidance from God.

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